We at Clckd inc know how to help local business owners in the Carson Valley Area. We are only around to make your business more money with a variety of online marketing products. Don’t miss out on a free opportunity for your local business to not make money. Contact Clckd Inc for a free no obligation consultation to show how we can generate a large ROI for your Minden/Gardnerville Business.

Looking to increase your brands exposure?

Clckd Inc not only knows how to do local SEO and add campaigns; but we also know how to bring your service, brand, or product national. Just let us have a chance to see how we can make your business more money though a variety of ways to increase your brands exposure.


Clckd Inc was established in 2016 in order to better serve the needs of the clients in the Carson Valley Area. We understand that their is a lot of scams and fraud in the online marketing world; so we decided to set up a base here in Gardnerville, so that clients can always stop by and see how their marketing dollars are best being spent.


Clckd Inc is open for Business

Clckd Inc will officially open in 2018. Please check back on Clckd to see what is new. Today we have announced that we are going to be offering services in the Minden SEO space. Take a look to see how we can make your business explode.

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